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American Purebred Registry has been in the business of registering purebred, full-blooded dogs and cats since 1979. These animals through no fault of their own have lost their registration privileges. Some of the reasons this has happened are:
The owner bought a puppy, the seller had not registered the pups.

The owner lost contact with the seller before the papers were delivered.

Sellers dog was purebred, but papers were lost, even though the dog was bred to a registered dog, the pups could not be registered.

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The owner sent the registration in too late and it was canceled.

Original papers were lost and the owner had no idea how to order a duplicate copy or the information to order it with.

There are many variations to the dog or cat owners story about why their pet does not have registration papers. Lost registrations could have been several generations back.


American Purebred Registry was created years ago to help overcome problems with lost registration papers whatever the reason. We start a pedigree file with the information the owner sends us. We do not have access to information from other kennel clubs, societies, registries or agencies. All the information must be provided by the owner of the dog or cat. Once an application is received and accepted by our office, all offspring of that animal are subject to registration by us, provided the animal was bred to a registered animal of the same breed. A photocopy of the registration of any animal not registered by us is required for the offspring to be registered. APR does not register crossbreeds.



When an application is received by our office and accepted, we issue a registration certificate. From that moment on the animal is considered a registered animal. On the application the owner has certified that the dog or cat is a purebred representative of the breed. We take his word for it. All the registration agencies in the United States are based on the honor system.

We donít sponsor dog shows, field trials or competition of any kind. We do keep a record of points and wins if the owner sends in the information from a show secretary. Basically, we are a permanent pedigree record keeping service and provide Certificates of Registration with our organization. We have registered thousands of dogs and cats in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and overseas, just to name a few.


DogWe believe there are many fine dogs and cats in America that should be and deserve to be registered. These days many people look down on any unregistered animal. Purebreds need to be recognized as such and given the respect that registration will offer. We do not encourage the haphazard breeding of any dog or cat, we are only interested in recognizing the purebreds that are already here. During the last several years it has become popular to double register dogs and cats that are already registered. This double registering is a matter of prestige. American Purebred offers this service and notes the registration certificate "DOUBLE REGISTERED". A photocopy of the original registration certificate must accompany the application.


Frequently Asked Questions


What animals can be registered?

Any purebred dog or cat. Many owners have lost their papers or lost contact with the person they got their pet from before the papers were delivered. Often the owner sent the registration in too late and it was canceled by another registry. Whatever the reason, we can register your dog or cat if it is purebred. On the application you sign and certify the animal is a purebred of the breed. This is a legal document. We do not have to see or inspect your pet. Your word is enough. All the registration agencies and kennel clubs are based on the honor system.
What is the difference between APR and the dozen or more other registries or clubs?
Three or four of the other registries sponsor dog or cat shows. APR does not. But, basically, all are record keeping agencies similar to the state agency that keeps a record of your personal birth certificate. All of the dog and cat registries issue registration certificates with their own agency. Information is not shared.
Can pups or kittens from my pet be registered?
Yes, if registration of both sire and dam are complete. If one parent is registered by another agency, a photocopy of the registration certificate must be sent in with the litter application. APR does not encourage the haphazard breeding of any animal. We do not register crossbreeds. Upon acceptance of a litter registration application a purple temporary registration form for each new owner is issued. It is the responsibility of the new owner to complete the temporary registration application, name their pet and send it to our office for permanent registration.  

As of January 1, 1998, we DO NOT register pups or kittens from the mating of brother to sister or parent to pup or kitten.

The transfer form is printed on the back of each registration certificate. If this space has already been filled in you can request transfer forms or staple a simple bill of sale to the registration certificate. This bill of sale must contain the signature of the previous owner, date of transfer, name and mailing address of buyer. There are no extra fees for additional transfers.
There are no deadlines for submission of applications and applications never have expiration dates. We do encourage you to send in your registration application forms as soon as possible. All blank applications can be photocopied. For later reference you can user your printer to save a copy of this information or share with a friend.



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