American Purebred Registry: Professional Registration

Thank you for your interest in American Purebred Registry. We provide permanent pedigree record keeping services and certificates of registration with our organization. Cross breeds can not be registered.

We hope that registration will make your pet more valuable to you. In the eyes of the public this certainly seems to be a factor in pricing them for sale.  All that is needed to start a family tree is your pets registration. We are looking forward to adding your pets Registered Name to the records, so please complete the application today. You can print this application and mail it to the address above. Please feel free to share a copy with a friend.

P.O. Box 111
League City, TX  77574

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INSTRUCTIONS: The person submitting this application, the owner, has the right to choose a name. In case of duplicate names, we have the right to add a numeral suffix or add the owner's last name. If any of the information is unavailable, fill in the blank "unknown". For "Double Registration" you will need to photocopy the original registration certificate and mail it along with the application and fee to our office. If you have questions or need help filling out your application, you can e-mail us at .


Online forms to print out:

To register your dog or cat with us Registration Application 

To order a 3 generation pedigree Pedigree Application

To register a litter with us Litter Form 

If you are transferring a pet and the back of the form is already filled out
and you need to add the new owners name
  Transfer Form

 To register your kennel or cattery Kennel Registration 

If you lost your registration certificate Duplicate Registration Form


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