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Thank you for your interest in becoming an American Purebred Registry Local Representative. Enclosed are an application and several forms that must be returned to us. American Purebred Registry is in the business of registering purebred full-blooded dogs and cats. These animals, through no fault of their own, have lost their registration privileges. Some of the reasons this has happened are:

The owner bought a puppy, the seller had not registered the pups.

The owner lost contact with the seller before the papers were issued.

Sellers dog was purebred, but papers were lost, and even though the dog was bred to a registered dog, the pups were not registered.

There are many variations to the dog or cat owners story about why their pet does not have registration papers. Failure to fill out the paperwork is the basic cause. This could have been several generations back.

American Purebred Registry was created in 1979 to help overcome problems with lost registration papers whatever the reason. We start a pedigree file with only the information the owner sends to us. We do not have access to information from other kennel clubs, societies, registries or agencies. All the information must be provided by the owner of the dog or cat. Once an application is received and accepted by our office, all offspring of that animal are subject to registration by us, provided the animal was bred to a registered animal of the same breed. A photocopy of the registration of any animal not registered by us is required for the offspring to be registered. APR does not register crossbreeds. When an application is received by our office and accepted, we issue a Registration Certificate. From that moment on, the dog or cat is considered to be a registered animal. On the application the owner has certified that the dog or cat is a purebred representative of the breed. We take his word for it. All the registration agencies in the United States are based on the honor system. We don't sponsor dog shows, field trials or competition of any kind. We do keep records of points and wins if the owner sends in the information from a show secretary. Basically we are a permanent pedigree record keeping service and provide Certificates of Registration with our organization. We have registered thousands of dogs and cats in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, just to name a few. We believe there are many fine dogs and cats in America that should be and deserve to be registered. These days many people look down on any unregistered animal. Purebreds need to be recognized as such and given the respect that registration will offer. We do not encourage the haphazard breeding of any dog or cat, we are only interested in recognizing the purebreds that are already here.

Now, on the reason you wrote for this information. We need local representatives to help educate the public about our services. There are many ways you can do this and have a nice part time income. Enclosed is a sample of our registration application for dogs and cats. Very simply, we want you to contact people in your area that have unregistered dogs or cats and get them to register their animals with us. For each registration that we receive with your name stamped on the bottom, we will pay you one half of the registration fee ($5.00). For each litter registration application you will receive $5.00. There are many ways to locate these owners. You can provide a copy of our application to pet shops, grooming shops, feed stores, dog and cat vets, or any business that a pet owner might go to for pet supplies. You can post a notice on bulletin boards all over town. You can run an ad in the local paper. (We do not pay for these ads and they must be approved by our office.) You can hand out business cards. Call the ads in the newspaper where unregistered dogs or cats are for sale and tell them about APR. These are just a few ways to get the word out.

As a representative you will receive a start up kit with 50 registration applications, 10 litter registration applications and 50 business cards. The only thing you need to purchase to get started is a rubber stamp and a black ink pad but wait for instructions before you order it. You will stamp each application and business card to receive credit with our office. Also included are notices for bulletin boards that you can stamp your name on and place in local businesses. Your check for the registrations you have sent in will be mailed between the 1st and 10th of each month. Enclosed are an application, a Bonus Program, an Independent Contractor form, and a W-9 form that must be filled out and approved by our office before you can become a local representative. Please send them in right away so that you can get started!

American Purebred Registry does all business by mail. If you have any questions, please write.


Dianne Butler





Staple your photo here   

Mailing address____________________________________________________
City, State, Zip____________________________________________________

If you live in a small town, what is the nearest large city and how far way is it?

Name and Address of your local newspaper(s) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Name and address of your local radio station(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________________

What qualities and/or experiences do you have that would make you a good candidate for an American Purebred Representative? Use the back for more space to write.



As an Independent Contractor, I understand that I am not considered as having an employee status. As an Independent Contractor, I agree to herby indemnify and hold harmless American Purebred Registry, Dianne Butler and Scott Butler from any and all claims by the Independent Contractor which may arise out of or in the course of the performance of his/her services to them. Any and all claims for Workman's Compensation benefits and/or claims for unemployment benefits are hereby expressly waived by the Independent Contractor. I Understand:

1. That I am not an employee of American Purebred Registry, Dianne Butler or Scott Butler.

2. Since I am not an employee, there is not any insurance, Workman's Compensation or unemployment benefits connected with my services. 3. That no payment for services rendered will be issued by American Purebred Registry until my social security number on a properly completed W-9 form (attached) and this Independent Contractor form, properly signed, are received by American Purebred Registry.

Please mark the space that is a proper description of yourself:

_____Individual _____Sole proprietorship _____Partnership


Signature of Independent Contractor___________________________________

The State of_______________
County of_________________

Before me, a Notary Public, on this day personally appeared


Known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the forgoing instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she executed the same for the purposes and considerations therein expressed.

Given under my hand and seal of office this ____day of____________20__

Notary Public




LEVEL I REPRESENTATIVE- You will receive one-half of the fee paid for each registration or litter registration sent in with proper fee paid with your name stamped on the bottom of the application. To keep your representative status, you must register one dog, cat or litter per month.

LEVEL II REPRESENTATIVE - You will be required to register one dog, cat, or litter per month. This is not cumulative, you must meet this requirement each month. You will receive one-half of the fee paid for each registration or litter registration sent in with proper fee paid and your name stamped on the bottom of the application. When you have reached a total of twenty-five (25) registrations or litter registrations a bonus of $1.00 (one dollar) per registration or litter registration will be paid to you for the rest of the year. This is not retroactive. If Level II requirement is not met you will automatically be returned to Level I status, and no bonus will be paid.

LEVEL III REPRESENTATIVE - You will be required to register eight (8) dogs, cats or litters each month. This is not cumulative, you must meet this requirement each month. You will receive one half of the fee paid for each registration or litter registration sent in with proper fee paid and your name stamped on the bottom of the application. When you have reached a total of twenty-five (25) registrations or litter registrations a bonus of $1.00 (one dollar) per registration or litter registration will be paid to you. This is not retroactive. As an additional bonus all of the registrations on the blue form sent in by you will be coded to your name and one half of the fee for each litter sent in for the lifetime of the dog or cat will be paid to you as long as you maintain Level III status (8 registrations or litter registrations per month). If Level III status is not maintained you will automatically be returned to Level II status. When Level III status is regained the lifetime litter bonus will resume, but will not be retroactive for those litters registered during the period of Level II status.

Representatives on all levels: When you have registered 25 dogs, cats or litters you will receive an American Purebred Registry Logo Lapel Pin. There is no time limit on this award, it will be mailed to you automatically upon reaching this level.

A. Registrations, litter registrations or representative status cannot be reassigned or transferred.

B. No monies will be paid or credit given to any representative for any purple temporary registration application form even if your name is stamped on it. No exceptions.

C. We will not search the records for registration applications or pay you for registrations that you forgot to stamp your name on. No exceptions.

D. We will not search the records to see if any of your pet owners sent in an application. You need to keep a record of the dog, cat or litter you register. If this dog, cat or litter fails to appear on your monthly printout, call the person to see if they received their registration certificate. If they have received it, ask for the registration number and call it to our attention. It will appear and you will be paid on your next monthly printout. This will not affect your representative status. If they have not received their registration certificate please notify us immediately. It may be lost in the mail and we will check it out. Please sign below and return this form to us. You might want to photocopy for future reference.

Signature________________________ Date____________________



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